Oh no! Last year, professor G. discovered a strange new material. After a recent experiment however, the professor has become one with this "gloop". He must escape his laboratory and return to the source in his quest for answers!

Submitted for the Mix and Game Jam 2019. The mechanic this game is based on is the Splatoons paint travel (and arguably Portal). The idea was to create platformer levels that can be finished normally, or be completed super fast (and stylish) when using the gloop optimally.

Planned features included Gloop Bombs and Gloop Bins that add gloop on the fly, as well as different colors of gloop. (Gloop Bombs are actually functional, but I ran out of time to create a second level.)

I wish I'd started earlier and spent some more time on it, but oh well. This was a great chance to try out Unity's tilemap system and the new 2019 editor.


Left, Right Arrow/ A, DMove

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